Math facts

Math facts was developed to make learning math fun! Most learners see math as “scary” and something they dread. It doesn’t have to be that way ! Math can be easy, fun and enjoyable!! We learn everything from counting to complex math skills through games, songs and hands on learning. See the groups below for just a glimpse of some of the areas that will be covered!

Math Facts 1:

This is the beginner group designed to teach counting, number recognition, shapes, simple patterning and so much more!

Math Facts 2:

From here we learn concepts such as skip counting, number patterns, simple geometry, simple data analysis, beginning addition and subtraction and more!

Math Facts 3:

We begin to deepen the concepts of addition/subtraction, add in more complex patterning, data analysis, multiplication/division and fractions!

*ALL group programs have a mixture of group learning and individual learning experiences to aid in interaction with peers as well as gage personal learning successes*


per session & charged on a monthly basis

  • Small Group (maximum of 7)
  • Groups split based on skill level
  • Grades K-6